What is Genestorian?

Genestorian is an Open Source web application that allows researchers to document collections of model organism strains and recombinant DNA.

Documenting genetic engineering

Genestorian stores your collection of strains and recombinant DNA in a relational database.

It stores the genetic engineering steps followed to generate new entities from existing ones.

Genestorian generates the sequences of new entities in silico from existing sequences in your local collection or sequences retrieved from genome databases.

Sharing better records with less effort

Your cloning strategy can be exported graphically or as text.

One click to produce an unambiguous record of your cloning strategy to be used in a publication, or shared with colleagues and collaborators!

Your data can be exported to json and other formats, so you can write scripts to do virtually anything you want. Check out this network view of a strain collection, or this web interface to document a cloning strategy

Why Open Source?

The collection of recombinant DNA and strains is one of the most valuable assets of a laboratory.

With an Open Source solution there are no proprietary file formats, changes on privacy policy nor company shut-downs and acquisitions to worry about!

Demo of the prototype

Genestorian is at a very early stage of development. It will initially focus on collections of recombinant DNA and yeast/fungi strains.

We will keep the design of the tool as abstract as possible, so that it can incorporate the needs of multiple model organisms in the future.

You can find a hosted prototype to illustrate the use-case of Genestorian, the code is on github, and you can see a video of this prototype below. If you have some ideas or feedback, please send an email.